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The Bipolar Personality

There are approximately 6 million people in the Unites States diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There is also a sizable number of people who have a bipolar disorder dormant in their system.

Bipolar people face many unique challenges to experience satisfying relationships at work, in love, and with others.

Dr. Loev has constructed a unique model to enable people to better cope with this disorder. To understand this disorder, you first must conceptualize it. This model becomes the cornerstone of our counseling. Cognitive therapy is used to further increase the individuals ability to lead a more harmonious life.

Bipolar Marriage Support Center

Bipolar couples are reported to have a 90% divorce rate. Because of this staggering statistic Dr. Irv Loev, Ph.D. created the Bipolar Marriage Support Center to meet the unique needs of bipolar couples. Counseling focuses exclusively on bipolar marital issues for individuals, couples, or groups of people dealing with a bipolar person. Dr. Loev has a variety of breakthrough treatment approaches developed to assist couples to be successful in their relationships. These unique methods help the bipolar person understand their own actions, motivations and life choices in such a way that new behavior comes naturally and change is significant.

For many, the bipolar disorder goes undiagnosed or lies dormant in the person to appear later after a trauma. Dr. Loev recognizes that the incidence of bipolar disorders are on the rise. Consequently, we can all benefit from a better understanding of bipolar behavior and learn to appreciate our relationships for the energy, enthusiasm and intelligence our bipolar friends and loved ones possess.

Dr. Loev believes that a counselor or therapist needs to be honest about the fact that working with some people or populations is more enjoyable than others. For Dr. Loev it is the bipolar population, whom he finds to be very intelligent, quick to make associations and most of all motivated to improve their lives.

Dr. Loev is convinced that when the bipolar individual learns to understand and recognize their own tendencies, their lives change dramatically for the better.

Dr. Loev's Bipolar Model
The model below is a metaphor to better understand the bipolar personality.

bipolar model

Think of an atom. You are the center and the dots circling you are the protons. Protons are always in motion. If they speed up, this means you are starting to feel anxious. When the protons move too rapidly, your anxiety can transfer to hostility. Awareness of the speed helps the bipolar person recognize when they need to remove themselves from a situation.

Many of Dr. Loev's therapies are outlined in his book Conflict Means I Love You.