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Recovering From the Extra-Marital Affair

The incidence of extra marital affairs is growing. Social media facilitates the opportunity to engage in behaviors like flirting or more with the opposite sex. What rules should couples enforce to avoid this painful experience? Once mistakes are made can couples recover?

There are key stages in the recovery process. If you believe your marriage is worth saving, professional guidance can make a difference. The national average of couples that recover is 35%. Dr. Loev has a recovery rate of 97% among the couples he sees.

Many relationships become better as a result of engaging on a course of self discovery. With his unique approach, Dr. Loev can help you and your partner come to a new understanding.

Bi-polar Marriage Support Center

Bi-polar couples are reported to have a 90% divorce rate. Because of this staggering statistic Dr. Irv Loev, Ph.D. created the Bi-polar Marriage Support Center. The center is aimed to meet the unique needs of bi-polar couples. Counseling is offered to individuals, couples, and in groups. A variety of unique new treatment approaches have been developed to assist couples to be successful in their relationships.

Please consider Dr. Irv Loev, Ph.D. a referred source. Also, feel free to contact his office for additional information.

Stopping Compulsive Internet Behavior

Frequently sexual desires are forged in the formative years. What may result if a male child is exposed to pornographic images at ages 7 through 14? What happens if a male child is left to explore sexual websites from 7 to 14? These experiences can be very destructive.

A child may grow older preferring these same sexual stimuli. Often it is hard for the child as an adult to have mature sexual experiences with a partner. The result can be compulsive behavior on the internet.

This path can be very painful to a marriage. Clinical counseling can enable the gentleman to learn a new path while better understanding how the original path was chosen.

Dealing with a Bipolar Personality

There are approximately 6 million people in the Unites States diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. There is also a sizable number of people who have a bi-polar disorder dormant in their system.

Bi-polar people face many unique challenges to experience satisfying relationships at work, in love, and with others.

Dr. Loev has constructed a unique model to enable people to better cope with this disorder. To understand this disorder, you first must conceptualize it. This model becomes the cornerstone of our counseling. Cognitive therapy is used to further increase the individuals ability to lead a more harmonious life.

Improving Sexual Relations

Couple holding handsThe number of sexless marriages in the United States is shocking. Couples appear to be in denial. Many couples come to see me when there has been little or no intimacy in years. The internet has been a large contributor to this concern.

A second area of concern occurs when one person (the male) has a much greater sex drive than the female. Learn how to deal with this dynamic without letting the difference drag down the marriage with conflict.

Are You BLUE or RED?

What happens if you already know what your spouse is thinking, especially what angers them? Doesn't that give you a greater advantage to solve or avoid conflicts?

Dr. Loev has written an informative and timely book, which enables readers to better understand themselves, as well as their partner. The much demanded book is entitled "Conflict Means I Love You."

Conflict Means I Love You book
Conflict Means I Love You

This book describes interaction. Also learn why particular men have a greater sex drive than their partner and what to do about it. Relationships are essential to our lives. Better understanding of our needs and the needs of our partner enables us to increase our chances of success and satisfaction.

Learn why we choose who we do and how to make this relationship the best IT can be. Tips on all aspects of a relationship are offered. How to connect better emotionally as well as sexually.

Vocational Testing

Many people define themselves by what they do for a living. Choosing a career is extremely important and can change life satisfaction.

Why not learn what is the best choice for you?

Dr. Loev has constructed a test based on his many years of experience with vocational testing. This test gets right to the point. You take it home to fill it out. The vocational testing process is two sessions total. Session one is background and session two is results.