Solutions By Dr. Loev: Incest and Beyond

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Incest and Beyond

There are literally thousands of incest survivors. However, if you are a survivor, you must know what happens once you become an adult. There is an attempt to keep you emotionally involved. This pull lasts a very-very long time.

Better understand the confusing and conflicting feelings and learn what it will take to put this trauma behind you. It can affect your present relationships and result in lifelong scars.

Incest Survivors Support Group
Attend at no charge.  Learn what the dynamics of this trauma truly are.  So many of the life experiences of the victims are similar.  Find out why and what you can do to create change.

The child becomes the father and the mother of his parents. How our childhood experiences mold our personality can be very important to understand. Issues such as mate selection, emotional development and even parenting are all affected.

Talk to Dr. Loev to learn how this experience has affected your development. Call (210) 340 - 0270 and ask to speak to Dr. Loev to make an appointment.