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Is successful marriage a thing of the past? Is marriage failure a product of people not being able to get along, or is it a result of the types of people we pick? Two common selections that can make life miserable for their spouse are:

1. Choosing the Infantile man or "Peter Pan" man— This is one choice women may regret making! The Infantile man is defined by his inability to tolerate pressure. His willingness and desire to have his wife work, while he stays at home and plays. More and more women are selecting this type of guy to marry, with catastrophic results!

Learn why women today choose this type of guy. Learn what to expect regarding their behavior towards your children and in the event of a divorce. Most of all, learn ways to avoid making this type of mate choice a second time!

2. Choosing the Victim Female—If you choose to marry her, you may be very sorry! She is a victim from her childhood and you are her rescuer. The only problem is, after you get married, you turn from a rescuer to a bad guy in her eyes. Learn why you pick such women, time after time, and what you can do to change!

Additional Relationship Topics:

1. Learning why you choose the people you do to love.
2. How to deal with conflict successfully.

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Improving Sexual Satisfaction

LoversDid you know that a recent study reported that 5 out of 8 married American couples felt that their sexual relationship with their spouse was less than satisfactory? Most sexual difficulties stem from faulty communication. But, more importantly, most folks don't have conceptual tools to better understand and communicate what they would like and need from their significant other. Can you believe that there has not been any foundation books since Masters and Johnson's benchmark book in 1966? This topical area focuses on three particular dimensions that will lead to you experiencing greater sexual satisfaction:

Topic One — focuses on particular Personality types and how they approach sexual frequency with a partner. Most useful are questions pertaining to what to do when your sex drive is greater than your partner's.

Topic Two — looks at the Psychology of Sex. One can increase more frequent and constant satisfaction only by truly understanding what turns people on and learning how to vary these activities, so that you can avoid a rut.

Topic Three — Looks at Stages of Sexual Intercourse: Learning how each stage of Sexual Intercourse effects the next can lead to a more deep and fulfilling experience.

Taken together, these three dimensions of sexual functioning will address most problems of sexual functioning.

Additional Sex Improvement Topics:
1. When should you consider taking Viagra?
2. What if you have no interest in sex whatsoever.