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A prescription for success and how to avoid disappointment

Americans are spending more and more time of their lives in the workplace. As a result, emerging issues such as work burn-out, dealing with difficult people, and succeeding at office politics are becoming increasingly important towards having a more satisfying life.

Difficult people have become a drain in our lives. You need to better understand them so that they do not become a burden in your life and ruin your job satisfaction. Many companies fear the legal consequences of firing low-achieving employees. The result is having these employees work next to you or having to depend on them to accomplish your job. The consequences can be continually upsetting!

Learn how to avoid work burn-out and to recognize the early warning signs. Anger management is developing into a more and more serious and frequent problem. You can learn how to reduce it in yourself, as well as help others.

Additional Workplace Coping Topics:
1. Learning office politics for first-borns
2. What to say and do to get a raise
3. Take Dr. Loev's unique Career Guidance & Personality Test
to determine which Career is right for you

Husbands and Wives who Work Together
Because of various legal and financial pressures, husbands and wives are finding themselves working together in greater numbers than ever. Spousal-run companies can be utilized for the betterment of the company.

However, couples who work together bring unique problems to the workplace. They have different personalities and normally see doing things in different ways. Dr. Loev presents a theory of personality types which illuminate a better understanding of how couples can be a more productive team. Learn how your mate thinks and what to say or do to make them a more satisfied business partner.

Additional Marriage-in-the-Workplace Topics:
1. Using Dr. Loev's unique theory of marital personality types
2. Learn to reduce conflict related to the workplace
3. Learn when you should or should not include your spouse in the workplace