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Vocational Testing

Discover a New Rewarding Career

Vocational testing isn't only for college graduates. Many people today faced with dead-end jobs, difficult bosses and overall job insecurity are elated to be able to discover a new, more rewarding career.

What vocational testing can do is reveal options for a career that may not have occured to you before. For instance, you may not realize that you are best suited for a structured environment. Or you may find the most satisfaction working alone, rather than being in charge of a group.

There are three main areas to consider. One involves the field of science, such as working in a marine biologist lab. Another comes under the heading of moral, such as civic work. And the third field involves the working with numbers, such as a product design engineer.

Irv Loev has constructed an in-depth vocational test that combines several successful tests used over the span of his experience--helping people of all ages come to a new understanding of the ideal area of work based on their core personality.

This New Career Test is updated with segments that speak to the contemporary job market, and it has been successfully used by clients as recently as early 2018. The results are very conclusive!

Choosing a career can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Vocational testing will steer you in the right direction. And if you find yourself wondering if you may have made a wrong career choice, vocational testing is the answer to right your course.

Session 1 : BACKGROUND - 55 minutes - $50.00 You complete the test and return it at your leisure.

Session 2 : DISCOVERY - 1 hour -$60.00 You will leave with a new perspective on your ideal career!

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